Institute Principal Research Scientist in Houston, TX at Apex Life Sciences

Date Posted: 2/1/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description



  • Apply expert knowledge of tumor biology in areas such as immune oncology, oncogenic signaling, metabolism, epigenetics and/or DNA damage to enable target discovery, validation and drug development
  • Oversee and/or lead multiple cross-functional research drug discovery and development programs
  • Lead collaborations with computational biologists utilizing patient-centric –omic databases to identify deregulated contexts that inform on target discovery, target validation and translational biology efforts in defined tumor contexts
  • Oversee the design, execution, analysis and interpretation of in vitro, ex-vivo and in vivo experiments to validate targets, optimize compound selection and explore therapeutic potential of drug targets
  • Apply knowledge of pharmacology to enable in vivo assessment of chemical matter and establishment of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic and efficacy relationships
  • Apply expertise to lead the discovery, validation and development of cell and molecular assays to define mechanism of action, measure pharmacodynamic changes and select patient responder populations
  • Evidence of independent thinking and leadership skills are vital.  Ability to work well under pressure and drive projects that impact critical timelines is essential
  • Set high standards of performance; pursue goals with energy and persistence; drive for results and achievement
    • Demonstrate a personal sense of urgency in getting results. Use personal and management standards to complete assignments
    • Seek to influence standards with proven business practices. Improve own performance by making specific changes in system or work methods
  • Work in situations involving uncertainty, shifting priorities, and rapid change; deal constructively with mistakes and setbacks; demonstrate flexibility
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency required to do the job; possess up-to-date knowledge in the profession; provide technical expertise to others
  • Gather relevant information systematically; break down problems into simple components; make sound decisions
  • Approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness; offer new ideas, solutions and/or options.
  • Encourage collaboration and input from all team members; value the contributions of all team members, and those beyond team; balance individual and team goals


  • PhD in one of the natural sciences or related field or Medical degree

  • 7 years of relevant post-degree experience in a pharmaceutical/biotech environment

  • Experience with genetic (ie RNAi and cDNAs) and pharmacological (i.e. small molecule inhibitors or antibodies) approaches to study target biology utilizing biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology methods and assays to drive  program biology

  • Experience utilizing mouse models of cancer to enable target discovery, validation, drug development and/or translational biology
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in areas of tumor biology including, but not limited to immune oncology, oncogenic signaling, cancer metabolism, epigenetic deregulation, apoptosis and/or DNA damage and repair as evidenced by publication in  peer-reviewed journals
  • Strong data analysis skills, ability to interpret results, design of follow-up experiments, troubleshoot issues with assay performance, and effectively present results and conclusions to co-workers, collaborators and senior leadership
  • Evidence of mentoring and managing PhD scientists is a plus.